SEED 1dayPure moisture® Multistage™

The first disposable bifocal soft contact lens to be made in Japan, SEED 1dayPure moisture Bifocal offers a unique optical design that is crafted to deliver "Natural Vision". Crafted for worry-free and comfortable wear, it enables single-focus lens users to easily make the switch to bifocals.


As Good As Your Own Eyes

Enjoy clear vision and smooth transitions as your eyes naturally move from one focal distance to another.

SEED 1dayPure moisture Bifocal lenses are designed to give you optimal vision whatever your eyes are focusing on.

The Bifocal Lens Design

There are two types of lens designs available, in various diopters.

Type A

This design provides natural vision, just like single vision lenses. (Additional power +0.75D)

Type B

This design emphasises and defines the difference between near and distant vision. (Additional power +1.50D)

Zwitterionic Material "SIB"

"SIB" stands for SEED Ionic Bond, and ensures biocompatibility. Every pair of SEED PURE series contact lenses is made from original SIB material. It contains both positive and negative ions, resulting in electrical stability. This stability keeps out dust and impurities,while ensuring high water content.

Zwitterionic material, SIB is an original hybrid material of SEED. It has the advantages of both nonionic low water content lenses, which are highly resistant to contamination and stable to the environment, and of high water content lenses, which allows for a high level of oxygen permeability.

High Contamination Resistance

Using our original zwitterionic material SIB (SEED Ionic Bond), and Alginic Acid as a natural moisturising agent, SEED 1dayPure moisture lenses retain more water to keep your eyes moist and comfortable for extended hours!

High Moisture Retention

In addition to its strong ability to attract and retain moisture, the zwitterionic material SIB also has two types of moisturising ingredients, alginic acid and non-ionic surfactant. With the ability to retain moisture, it is highly recommended for wearers who experience dryness in their eyes during the evening.

Although zwitterionic material SIB is ionic and has high water content, it has the advantage of keeping away the proteins, which cause contamination.

High Oxygen Permeability

Regardless of high water content, SEED 1dayPure moisture Bifocal excels in morphological stability. Thus, the thickness of the lens centre is 0.07mm (-3.00D), which is the thinnest class among daily disposable high water content contact lenses.

Due to high water content and the thin lens design, the oxygen transmissibility becomes 42.9. This value is high enough to transmit adequate oxygen, which is sufficient for human eyes.

Containing UV Absorber

SEED 1dayPure moisture Bifocal contains UV absorber.

Contact lens with UV absorber significantly reduces absorption of UV rays.